Cyber Physical Systems

Optimisation of Distributed infrastructures using Game Theory



Research Questions

  • What are the computing technologies required to route water around a city in exactly the same way as resilient network protocols route packets around a communications network?
  • Further can we build a scalable energy-neutral solution that can be retro-fitted to the current water infrastructure at low cost?



The outcomes of this work are expected to be as follows:

  • Optimization models for the Energy-Water Nexus.
  • Algorithms, policies and protocols to effect real-time and near real-time control over wide area WSN and Internet networks.
  • Self-organising edge computing will allow the network to carry out adaptive sampling by learning what is being asked from the system as well as understanding the ‘normal’ water system behaviour. Edge processing minimises the data and hence communications between WSN and cloud to enable better cloud processing.
  • The system is also required to intelligently store sampling/actuation histories, depending on potential usage. For example, if an anomaly has been found, the system must be able to bring back up old data samples on demand rather than send everything to the cloud
  • Networking reliability can be achieved by novel resilient protocols that route round failure and at the same time are able to avoid interference from other City radio networking systems.