Shusen Yang

Research Associate - Imperial

Shusen is currently a research assistant at Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI)  for Sustainable Connected Cites and will receive his Ph.D. in Department of Computing (DoC) at Imperial College London, in 2013.  Shusen’s reasearch interests include game-theortic control for promoting cooperation in social networks, participatory sensing, game-theoretic incentivisation, distributed mechanism design and cyber physical spaces.  Shesen has had a number of papers published in various journals with Imperial’s PI Julie McCann including Selfish Mules: Social Profit Maximization in Sparse Sensornets using Rationally-Selfish Human Relays, in the IEEE Journal on selected areas in communications (JSAC, vol.31, no.6) and  Distributed Cross-layer Optimization in Stochastic Multi-hop Wireless Networks with Cooperative Communications  (IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC)to appear).