How can you best engage a crowd to source feedback?

Research Team
Dr Lorna Wall, Dr Connie Golsteijn, Dr Sarah Gallacher, Lisa Koeman and Sami Andberg


VoxBox is a tangible questionnaire machine that allows event attendees to share their views using a range of sliders, dials and buttons. They can then see how their views compare to those of others at the event by looking at the visualisations presented on the other side of the device.


VoxBox was first deployed at various venues around the London fan parks for the Tour De France event in July 2014. There are five Question Boes, which relate to demographics, current mood, crowd information, event feedback and an interactive telephone question asking open-ended questions.

The VoxBox was developed with Arduino boards and it uses !2C as a communication strategy, allowing all Question Boxes to communicate with the main control point.   A WiFi shield enables connection with a backend server where all data is uploaded and processed before being visualized on the back of the VoxBox.


After initial deployments at the Tour de France fan parks and at a Digital Democracy event in Cardiff, the research team have been overwhelmed with requests for the VoxBox to be used in different venues and a variety of events.  Follow on projects include Sense -Us and Small Talk