Paula Trigueiros

University of Porto Exchange Researcher

Paula Trigueiros

As part of our on-going research and collaborations with other Institutions, ICRI Cities at UCL have recently had an exchange visitor from the University of Porto, Paula Trigueiros.

Paula began her career as an architect and even created and ran her own studio.  Since 1993 Paula has been a Design Professor at a number of Portuguese universities based in Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra.  She studied a Masters in Product Design at the University of Porto and specialized in Inclusive Design.  She has written and published a number of studies on architectural and design projects and been a guest speaker at numerous events across the continent, especially related to the theme of Design, Creativity, Accessibility and Inclusion.   In 2003 she founded the group PLIM – Free Projects, Ideas in Motion, which is a philanthropic group dedicated to creative exploration of ideas.

Whilst visiting the ICRI Cities centre at UCL Paula engaged with a number of researchers and departments, to further her research.  This culminated in a workshop set around the idea of how individuals experience information in an urban environment. set within their own ‘galaxy’.  It was well supported by the ICRI Cities UCL members and other individuals from around UCL and provided some great feedback and information for Paula’s on-going work.

Paula has now returned to Portugal, but will be greatly missed around the Centre and we wish her all the very best with her future research and endeavours.