Hans-Christian Jetter

Research Associate/Postdoc

Dr. Hans-Christian Jetter (M.Sc.)
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
h.jetter (at) ucl.ac.uk

Update: From Jan 2015, Christian will become a newly appointed Professor of User Experience and Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Please find his new homepage at http://jetter-it.de here.

I am a Postdoc and Research Associate at ICRI Cities, University College London. My research interests lie where Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Visualization (InfoVis) and Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) meet. I focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel post-WIMP (post-“Windows Icons Menus Pointer”) user interfaces, e.g., multi-user, multi-display, and multi-device environments with multi-touch, gestural, or tangible input.

I believe that such environments will play a key role in mastering the challenges of future cities, for example when trying to make sense of large amounts of collected data and simulation results in an “urban observatory” or providing users with flexible ad-hoc communities of interactive devices and resources within the city. In particular, I am interested in exploring principles of multi-device self-organizing user interfaces in this context. Please see the project HuddleLamp for more information.

I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Information Engineering (Computer Science) of the University of Konstanz. During my work on my PhD at the University of Konstanz, I have formulated the ZOIL (Zoomable Object-Oriented Information Landscape) interface paradigm that employs distributed Zoomable User Interfaces for supporting collaborative knowledge work in interactive multi-user and multi-surface spaces. ZOIL’s design priniciples and their manifestation as a C#/WPF software framework were used in cooperation projects (e.g. DeskPiles, Facet-Streams) with Microsoft Research Cambridge, Microsoft Surface, and the NanoPhotonics Centre of the University of Cambridge.

Other fields of research that I am interested in are the cognitive foundations of “natural” user interfaces and user interface “metaphors” (e.g. embodied cognition, reality-based interaction, and conceptual integration). Together with my colleagues from Konstanz, I am working on understanding and explaining when interaction feels “(un)natural” using our theoretical framework of “Blended Interaction” to aid interaction researchers and designers.

Please find my CV including an overview of projects and all publications at http://www.urban-computing.de/CV/CV.pdf.
A German CV is available at http://www.urban-computing.de/CV/CVger.pdf

Please find an (almost) up-to-date and complete list of my publications here.