Smart Citizen Launches in Manchester

ICRI Cities PhD student and co-founder of Smart Citizen, Tomas Diez was in Manchester to mark the launch of the Smart Citizen kits.

The Smart Citizen Kit is an open-source package developed at Fab Lab Barcelona for monitoring the environment in a user-friendly way. The kit comprises 3 technological layers: electronic hardware, an online interface and API, and a mobile app. The goal of the project is to allow anyone to collect environmental data, visualize it, and share it with others with very little hassle.

The hardware used by the Smart Citizen Kit consists of 2 printed-circuit boards: an interchangeable daughterboard or shield, and an Arduino-compatible, data-processing board. The shield included in this version of the kit is dubbed as the Ambient Board. As its name suggests, it carries sensors that measure:

  • Air composition (CO and NO2)
  • Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Sound levels
  • Humidity

ICRI Cities have created a short video highlighting Tomas’s work and the exciting prospects this brings for the future of sustainable connected cities, which can be viewed on our ICRI Cities Vimeo site, here.