Smart Citizen holds Workshop in Manchester

Wednesday 28th May marked the first UK workshop by Smart Citizen at the Manchester Science Park.  This workshop saw the kick off of a local community engaged with the development of better tools for citizens to participate in the production of their cities.

The Smart Citizen project uses low-cost sensors to enable people to capture and share data in their local environment, to help understand the effects of urban living on the environment and local citizens.  The platform is open to anyone, anywhere and Manchester marks the beginning of a UK community, with two other communities already established in Barcelona and Amsterdam.  It is hoped that the data collected and shared can be utilized to help build more sustainable and connected cities in the future.

To find out more about the Future Everything event in Manchester click here.

ICRI Cities have produced a second video in a series of videos highlighting the development of Smart Citizen and this can be watched by clicking on this page here.