Intern at the ICRI – Alessia Romano

Alessia Romano is currently visiting ICRI Cities as an intern over the summer months.  She is based at UCL, working under the supervision of our Senior Research Associate, Dr Sarah Gallacher.  We asked her how she is finding the experience and what she is enjoying most about the internship opportunity.

Working for ICRI Cities is a great first experience and opportunity. As a UCL intern I am experiencing how a research team works and learning many new skills. I had the chance to observe and analyse people’s reactions to an already existing project and I am taking part to the birth of a brand-new one.

I find the work environment is peaceful, friendly and cohesive; different kinds of people work in the same room, which makes it possible to get in touch, ask and understand more about each others work. My working hours are flexible and not stressful; you are free to plan your days and tasks. I find that my tutors and colleagues are kind and supportive, they make you feel part of the team and encourage taking part in useful and delightful activities and workshops. I am also having the chance to take part in outdoor events and meet interesting people such as PhD students, PostDocs and researchers.